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About Us

Welcome to Jardin Skin Care & Apothecary, the home of authentic hand crafted chemical free skin care and apothecary herbal tonics.  All our products are manufactured in boutique batches to ensure premium quality and freshness.

Jardin was born of my love for gardens, herbs and all the delightful array of fragrances that fill the air during spring and summer.  After the language of Paris, Jardin  means "garden",  so what better name to describe the blossoming of a new skin care range. 

At Jardin we are passionate about purity in our Skin Care and Therapeutic Healing Cream range because the real advantage is that natural and organic ingredients enhance the skin’s natural function by helping to optimise skin regeneration.

Because you skin deserves to be nurtured by nature, only specially formulated botanical extracts are used to nourish, soften and heal.  After a six-year study of Botanicals and their healing powers, Jardin now offers a range of creams, lotions and serums designed to promote a youthful glow, minimise fine lines, diminish ages spots and calm rosacea.   Jardins therapeutic range includes naturopathic formulated creams and balms to sooth eczema, burns, promote sleep, banish headaches and heal cuts, scrapes and wounds.

Our Apothecary Herbal Tonics are professionally formulated from the purest herbal extracts and are designed to heal body and soul.  

I know my family deserves to be nurtured and healed as mother nature intended........Doesn't yours too?