Herbal sleep and dream pillows are a wonderful way to introduce herbs into the lives of your family and friends. They are a simple, easy to make gifts that truly delight the senses.  Depending which herbs you use, they will either induce a calm restful sleep or help create enchanting dreams. 

The ancient practice of placing herbs under our pillow dates back centuries. Traditionally it was done to protect against evil, calm bad dreams and induce sleep.  They were also used to foresee the future, encourage pleasant dreams, or entice a lover into one’s life. No matter the reason we choose to use herbal pillows, they are beneficial for both adults and children.  


Lavender is celebrated for its relaxing properties, and is a wonderful herb to add to a sleep pillow.   Be sure to use only tightly formed buds in your pillow and the scent will last for months.  You can also rejuvenate your lavender sleep pillow by adding a few drops of 

Hops are another amazing herb to promote restful sleep and a feeling of peacefulness.  They are very relaxing and perfect to calm the nerves the night before an exam or for those struggling to find rest in a new environment.

Chamomile is an especially delightful fragrance, and is perfect for a sleep pillow to calm, relax and keep bad reams at bay in children.  You might even like to make a mini pouch and place the hidden pouch into a stuffed toy.


Dream pillows are for those who want to enhance and remember their dreams. Single herbs can be used or a combination of several.

Rose petals are used to bring warmth and love, and are used to evoke romantic dreams.

Spearmint or peppermint in a dream pillow enhances clarity and vividness in dreams

Rosemary has been used traditionally to enhance deep sleep and keep away bad dreams.

Mugwort  greatly enhances vivid dreaming and helps with remembering of dreams.

Lemon Verbena is a beautiful uplifting herb and is used to add “lightness” to dreams. 


Sleep and dream pillows are beautiful tucked inside or under pillows where they can emit their enchanting fragrance throughout the night.

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